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Amaretto Di Saronno 0.7l 28% vol.

Hugely popular liqueur with a bitter almond taste. It can be served on crushed ice as is, or as an ingredient of your beloved cocktails.
€ 19.30 incl tax

Amaro Averna

Amaro Averna is named after Salvatore Averna, who invented the recipe back in 1868. It contains a careful blending of herbs, roots and citrus rind.
€ 19.60 incl tax

Amaro Montenegro 0.7l, 23% vol./ The liqueur of virtuosos

Traditional amaro distilled in Bologna, made using over 40 herbs and bottled at 23% vol, first produced by Stanislao Cobianchi in the late 19th century and named after Princess Elena de Montenegro.
€ 21.80 incl tax

Asbach A&A 0.7l/ Liqueur, Brandy and Riesling

An Asbach Uralt Brandy and Auslese Riesling Wine blend, Asbach A&A (19% vol.) is an excellent liqueur with sweet hints of oak and fresh and dried fruits.
€ 0.00 incl tax

Bushmills Irish Honey 35% vol.

An extremely soft and lightly sweet nose with clear honey notes, strong apple, pear and cereal grains. A palate with sweet and fruit notes, a slightly spicy aftertaste with traces of malt. A unique blend of Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey and Irish honey.
€ 26.50 incl tax

Chambord Liqueur Royale de France 0.7l/ With raspberry and blackberry

Chambord is made from black and red raspberries, Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey and cognac.
€ 34.50 incl tax

Crema di Limoncé 50cl 17% vol./ Italian Lemon Liqueur

A smooth traditional liqueur made with 100% Italian lemons.
€ 0.00 incl tax

Elisir di Limoncello 50cl 28% vol.

A classic Italian digestive with superb aromas.
€ 17.50 incl tax

Fernet Branca 0.7l

Fernet Branca was born in 1845 out of a secret recipe that has never been disclosed.
€ 19.50 incl tax

Fernet Branca 1.0l

The secret of its unique, unmistakable taste lies in the recipe, in which 27 herbs are contained (aloe, cress and saffron amongst them).
€ 26.00 incl tax

Fernet Branca Menta 0.7l

Fernet Branca Menta was inspired by Maria Callas and created in the ‘60ies. The famous opera Greek singer used to drink Fernet Branca along with a touch of mint syrup before each performance.
€ 19.50 incl tax

Frangelico 0.7l/ Hazelnut liqueur from Italy

Frangelico, an excellent hazelnut and herb-flavored 20% vol. liqueur, is produced in Canale, Italy.
€ 19.50 incl tax € 17.00 incl tax