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Metaxa 5 Star 1888 40% vol.

A very rare collectable Metaxa’s gem.
€ 75.00 incl tax

Metaxa 5 Star 3.0l/ Greek brandy 40% vol./ Double magnum bottle incl. drain cock and metal rack

Nose with a unique mix of perfume and brandy. Distinct rose petals balanced by vanilla, citrus peel and lemon hints.
€ 79.00 incl tax

Metaxa 5 Star 0.7l 38% vol./ Greek brandy

Nose with a unique mix of perfume and brandy. Distinct rose petals balanced by vanilla, citrus peel and lemon hints.
€ 16.90 incl tax

Metaxa Five Star Decanter 0.75l 40% vol.

A superb, velvety blend of grape brandy in a very collectable decanter.
€ 185.00 incl tax

Metaxa Gold Label 7 Star 1.0l 40% vol.

An old vintage, highly collectable bottling of Metaxa Gold Label 7 Star, containing distillates at least 7 year old.
€ 95.00 incl tax

Metaxa Grande Fine

Metaxa Grand Fine brandy is made of wines between 8 and 15 year old. It is offered in a ceramic bottle.
€ 43.00 incl tax

Metaxa Grande Fine 1888 0.7l 40% vol.

A collective package box of the year 1982, when Metaxa was the Official Sponsor of the Soccer WM 1982 in Spain, of a Grand Fine 1888 bottling from the 60ies.
€ 175.00 incl tax

Metaxa Private Reserve 30 Year Old 0.7l 40% vol. incl. gift pack/ Greek brandy

Rich, full-bodied and truly elegant. Metaxa's Private Reserve 30 Year Old, the oldest expression in the range, is a super premium spirit and contains fine brandies aged for up to 30 years.
€ 64.50 incl tax

Metaxa VSOP 1888 0.7l 40% vol.

Very rare and collectable Metaxa’s Very Special Old Pale brandy. Deep amber golden colour, fine Muscat nose with hints of aromatic herbs, strong body with light vanilla and raisins.
€ 190.00 incl tax

Ron Millonario XO Reserva Especial Rum 0.7l 40% vol./ Rum from Peru

The distillery is aging this rum in American and Slavonian oak casks and offers it in a beautiful rectangular decanter.
€ 131.00 incl tax

Moët & Chandon Marc de Champagne 0.7l 40% vol.

Eaux-de-vie from distilled pomaces of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier from Champagne, France, matured slowly in oak casks.
€ 45.00 incl tax

Mount Gay Rum 1703 Old Cask Selection 0.7l 43% vol./ Rum from Barbados

Due to the fact that Mount Gay Rum was first produced in 1703 on the Isle of Barbados, this rum is amongst the oldest in the world.
€ 199.00 incl tax

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