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Greenall's Gin 0.7l/ Original London Dry Gin

Rich and mellow aroma with a noticeable juniper scent. Maybe a wee sweet for a London dry gin but with lots of character.
€ 18.50 incl tax

G'Vine Floraison 0.7l/ Gin from France

A unique product from Cognac, France, with lively grape notes balanced well with citrus and cardamom notes. It gives the feeling of a fine gin and simultaneously of a perfectly well flavoured vodka.
€ 49.50 incl tax

Havana Club Añejo 3 Años 0.7l 40% vol./ Ron Puro Cubano

White rum with complexity that will give your Mojito and any other favorite cocktail the authentic Cuban flavour.
€ 0.00 incl tax

Havana Club Añejo 7 Años 0.7l 40% vol./ Ron Puro Cubano

Extra aged Cuban rum, perfectly enjoyable neat, on the rocks or as a part of any cocktail.
€ 29.50 incl tax

Havana Club Añejo Blanco 0.7l 37,5% vol./ Ron Puro Cubano

A superb mixing rum aged for 18 months in 180 litre casks.
€ 18.90 incl tax

Havana Club Añejo Blanco 1.0l 37,5% vol./ Ron Puro Cubano

Aromas of vanilla and dark chocolate come along with a rounded taste with fruity notes and some citrus. Long spicy finish with hints of citrus.
€ 25.50 incl tax

Havana Club Añejo Reserva 0.7l 40% vol./ Ron Puro Cubano

Blend of aged rums of exceptional velvety taste and memorable, robust flavour.
€ 24.50 incl tax

Hayman's 1850 Reserve Gin o.7l 40% vol.

Before the 1861 Single Bottle Act in England, all spirits where sold from the cask. Gin was served from the casks into smaller casks or jugs in the Gin Palaces, drinking establishments luxuriously furnished and situated almost everywhere in London. Due to the fact that these establishments where introducing drinking as a social pleasure as people stood around the bar, drinking and talking, it is not surprising that back then solely in London one could easily spot more than 5.000 Gin Palaces. Hayman’s 1850 Reserve Gin follows the traditions of this Gin Palace style of gin.
€ 45.00 incl tax

Hennessy Paradis Extra Rare Cognac 0.7l 40% vol./ Old Presentation

Fine extra rare Cocnac with unbelievable depth and stunning aromas and flavours.
€ 650.00 incl tax

Hennessy VS 0.35l

Hennessy’s Very Special is the result of carefully selecting only the most expressive and distinctive eaux-de-vie. After several years of maturation in French oak casks, the eaux-de-vie are then blended with the mastery and consistency unique to the Maison Hennessy.
€ 0.00 incl tax

Hennessy XO 0.2l/ Cognac made of old and rare eaux-de-vie

The 100 eaux-de-vie assembled to create X.O. were aged for a long time –some for 30 years– to give an unparalleled robustness.
€ 65.00 incl tax

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