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Bowmore Vaults Darkest

A part of the core range of Bowmore Single Malts, matured in American Bourbon and then for 3 more years in Spanish Sherry casks.
€ 375.00 incl tax

Bowmore Whisky 17 Year Old 0.75l

Wonderfully rich and complex flavours signed by the oldest recorded Islay distillery.
€ 195.00 incl tax

Bruichladdich 10 Year Old 0.7l First Edition 46% vol.

An Islayer balanced with some sweetness, without the usual smokiness that is associated with whiskies of the isle such as Caol Ila, Ardbeg etc.
€ 0.00 incl tax

Bruichladdich 14 Year Old 1991 Yellow Submarine

This bottling was named for a yellow mini-submarine that was discovered just miles from the distillery.
€ 0.00 incl tax

Bruichladdich First Edition Wee Laddie Tasting Pack/ Set of 3 x 20cl

Three fine Bruichladdich wee drams at 46% vol. –a 10, a 15 and a 17 year old.
€ 0.00 incl tax

Bunnahabhain 30 Year Old Cask Strength, 1978

One of that incredible 559 bottles batch, with perfectly clear water from river Margadale. A discontinued rarity. Time for a wee dram!
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Delamain Cognac Pale & Dry Très Belle Grande Champagne 0.7l 40% vol.

In 1920 the Delamain & Co. Cognac house baptized their cognac classics “Pale & Dry” and “Très Belle Grande Champagne”. Established in 1762, Delamain is unapologetic when it comes to quality, selecting only the very best from its suppliers in order to create its own products.
€ 125.00 incl tax

Domaines Frapin 1979 Cognac Grande Champagne 20 Year Old Premier Cru 0.35l

With the colour of old gold and an enormous aromatic balance, it has a full elegant taste of apricot, plum, candied fruits, walnut and hazelnut mixed with floral hints. Notes of fortified wine, vintage Port, fine tobacco and walnut. Very long aftertaste. A piece of Art.
€ 124.00 incl tax

Glen Niven Extra Special 0.75l

A Douglas MacNiven & Co. Ltd.’s blend, originally bottled for the Italian market.
€ 49.00 incl tax

Glen Ord 23 Year Old Rare Malts 1974 - 1998, Limited Edition , 60,8% vol.

The Rare Malts are a now-discontinued series of cask-strength releases designed by Diageo in order to disclose some of the hidden treasures in their portfolio.
€ 0.00 incl tax

GLENFARCLAS 1965 40 Year Old

€ 1198.00 incl tax

Glenfiddich 40 Υear Οld 0.7l

One of that incredible 600 bottles batch, a discontinued rarity. Time for a wee dram! A product of truly inspired cask selection and blending, quite rare for a Speyside.
€ 4500.00 incl tax