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Hayman's 1850 Reserve Gin o.7l 40% vol.

Before the 1861 Single Bottle Act in England, all spirits where sold from the cask. Gin was served from the casks into smaller casks or jugs in the Gin Palaces, drinking establishments luxuriously furnished and situated almost everywhere in London. Due to the fact that these establishments where introducing drinking as a social pleasure as people stood around the bar, drinking and talking, it is not surprising that back then solely in London one could easily spot more than 5.000 Gin Palaces. Hayman’s 1850 Reserve Gin follows the traditions of this Gin Palace style of gin.
€ 45.00 incl tax

Sipsmith Premium London Dry Gin 0.75l 41,6% vol.

If the best botanicals do make the best gin, it’s Sipsmith’s way or the highway.
€ 45.00 incl tax

Tanqueray Export Strength 0.7l 43,1% vol./ London Dry Gin

Tanqueray gin was initially distilled in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray in Bloomsbury, London.
€ 22.90 incl tax