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Jose Cuervo Black Medallion 0.7l/ Tequila from Mexico

With an unusual and beautiful dark caramel colour, a smoky oaky nose with a tone of caramel and a complex palate with agave and hints of chocolate and vanilla.
€ 28.50 incl tax

Jose Cuervo Especial Silver 0.7l/ Tequila from Mexico

The master distillers at La Rojeña crafted this unique and balanced blend to bring out tones of agave, caramel and fresh herbs in its flavour profile.
€ 23.50 incl tax

Jose Cuervo Reposado Especial 0.7l/ Tequila from Mexico

With a distinctive golden colour and smooth mellow taste from resting in oak casks.
€ 23.80 incl tax

Jose Cuervo Reserva 1800 Añejo 0.7l/ Tequila from Mexico

A 100% blue agave Mexican tequila bottled in Jalisco, named after the year tequila was first aged in oak casks.
€ 44.00 incl tax