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Whyte & Mackay 19 Year Old 40% vol.

A rich and refined nose with malty tones and a hint of Oloroso Sherry, maple syrop and dark fruit. A fruity palate with molasses, chocolate, vanilla, dried fruit, some Sherry and oak, a smooth aftertaste with a firm presence of Sherry, liquorice, cherries and oak.
€ 0.00 incl tax

Whyte & Mackay 22 Year Old Supreme 43% vol.

Αn artful, rare Scotch blend with a refined, velvety nose with Sherry along with oaky and toffee notes. A firm mouth free of bitterness and sharpness with Sherry, ginger, marmalade and honey. The aftertaste is long and perfectly balanced, with a deep maltiness.
€ 0.00 incl tax

Whyte & Mackay 30 Year Old 40% vol.

Richard Paterson, Master Blender of Whyte & Mackay Master since 1970 and one of the foremost whisky experts worldwide, carefully selected whiskies from 30 to 36 years old so that the blend would be free of undue woody notes.
€ 0.00 incl tax

Wild Turkey 12 Year Old 0.7l 50,5% vol./ Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

A limited batch 12 year old Bourbon aged in new white oak casks.
€ 79.00 incl tax

Wild Turkey 8 Year Old 101 Proof 70cl 50,5% vol./ Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

When you want your Bourbon to stand up more to mixers, use the ole 101.
€ 49.00 incl tax

Wild Turkey Rare Breed 0.7l 54,1% vol./ Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Rare Breed, a blend of 6, 8, and 12 year old stocks, is renowned for its exceptional notes of orange, mint and tobacco and its remarkably smooth flavour considering its strenght.
€ 52.50 incl tax

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